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Aaron Riedener, 01/08/2011 01:52 am

Welcome to koalixcrm, a django CRM

Not yet alpha {{{
<font style="color: red">Pre-alpha version available here:</font>
git clone git://
Finally, a little bit late, the first version of koalixcrm available to the public. Well im sorry currently its not yet alpha and i would not suggest that you install this when you never used django befor. There are two things missing for alpha release: The documentation and a last ticket. Anyway i would be happy to get some feedback about your installation problems. Please do first read the [wiki:Installation Installation] and ask questions in this group: [ koalixcrm-user-group].

koalixcrm is a tiny and easy to use Customer-Relationship-Management Software (CRM) including an also tiny and easy to use Accounting Software.
It runs on a common Webserver or on a standard personal computer without expensive installation.
All you need is python, django, postgresql and fop, all availabele open source on the web.

  • CRM * Contracts * Quotes * Invoices * Purchase Orders * Customers * Customer Groups * Products * Units * Prices * Customisable PDF Export * Quotes * Purchase Orders * Sales Orders * Invoices * Delivery Order

  • Accounting * Bookings * Accounts * Fiscal Units * Balance Sheet PDF Export * Prfit Loss Statement PDF Export

A Brief View On The System
koalixcrm is written in Python using django.
So its what your looking for: A django-based CRM OSS (Open Source Software) :-) [
koalixcrm generates xml files which where transformed with apache FOP using xsl transforms.

Have a lot of fun using it
Aaron Riedener

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