koalixcrm: Added south support

Added by Aaron Riedener over 4 years ago

As we have currently some user that are the crm already using for productivity purpose i started to add south support during the latest changes.

If you have any trouble with your database or with using south please contact me soon i will give my best to help you updating the database to latest version.

All new users read the installation instruction before you install koalixcrm

koalixcrm: New on GitHub

Added by Aaron Riedener over 6 years ago

koalixcrm: Documentation on Read The Docs

Added by Aaron Riedener almost 7 years ago

The Documentation is not yet finished but already available here:
Its hosted and updated by

koalixcrm: Switch to Redmine completed

Added by Aaron Riedener almost 7 years ago

Ok now i finished the switch from trac to redmine and I am very happy with that decision.
So the next step will be to set up the documentation for koalixcrm.

regards Aaron

trac is still available for a short time:

koalixcrm: Documentation

Added by Aaron Riedener almost 7 years ago

Hello everybody

To finish the alpha release there are currently only two things missing: The documentation and a last open ticket.
The documentation im planning to do with

Regards Aaron

koalixcrm: Just updated to Redmine

Added by Aaron Riedener almost 7 years ago

I'm sorry i did this update today before finishing alpha version. It made me crazy not to have a small blog and no way to let people write tickets. It seems that redmine has more integrated possibilities and maybe its also more stable.

I'm now going to start the documentation and the pdf export functions to bring it to an alpha release by the end of next week.

Also available in: Atom